2-Input Dual Polarization
 Hybrid Mixer PLC

Kaiam Hybrid Mixer PLC

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This dual-input device comprises one signal input and one local oscillator input. These signals are both split into TE (X) and TM (Y) orthogonal polarized light by inline polarization beam splitters (PBS). These are then allowed to interfere via two inline mixer sections, comprising splitters and couplers. They are then finally split to generate 4 output signal pairs, XI, XQ, YI, and YQ where X/Y is polarization and I/Q is phase.

• integrated PBS’s
• small size
• C & L Band variants
• variant with no PBS 
 also available
• passive part — no tuning
 or temperature stabilization
• extended temperature range
 (-5°C to 75°C)
• Telcordia GR-1221 qualified
• RoHS 6/6 compliant

The Hybrid Mixer PLC is intended for use in Coherent Receivers for 100Gbps optical transmission systems. It has no control electronics and consumes no electrical power. The rugged design contains no moving parts, and the optical performance is guaranteed for applications from -5°C to 75°C.