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SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

Kaiam offers flattop Mach-Zehnder Athermal AWG for 5G fronthaul


Planar lightwave circuit (PLC) device and transceiver developer Kaiam Corp. has made available a line of ultra-low loss Mach-Zehnder Athermal AWGs (MZ-AAWGs) targeted at industrial temperature 5G fronthaul requirements. The company says the MZ-AAWGs display a flat passband with almost zero loss using the on-chip combination of Mach-Zehnder and AAWG technology, says the company. Read the full story.


JUNE 14, 2018

Kaiam offers 100G-CWDM4+ transceivers for high performance and reliability


Kaiam Corp. has announced availability of its upgraded 100G-CWDM4 transceiver series for high performance and reliability. The new CWDM4+ optical transceivers provide higher performance than the CWDM4 standard, Kaiam asserts.


MSA standard transceiver specifications can be insufficient in accounting for losses from data center fiber plant variations, causing deployment costs to spike, says Kaiam. Even use of transceivers with low failure rates can cause data center operating costs to rise, the company adds. Kaiam says that its CWDM4+ transceiver resolves both issues at no added cost. Read the full story.

APRIL 19, 2017

Businesses willing to invest in UK despite Brexit


A US manufacturer of ultrafast telecoms equipment, a South African group making animal feed from fly larvae, and a German pioneer in high-tech building components – three businesses with little in common but for one thing: their willingness to invest in new UK manufacturing capacity despite the prospect of Britain’s imminent departure from the European Union.


Although they all acknowledge the risks surrounding Brexit, the three companies, US electronics group Kaiam, South Africa’s Agriprotein and LTG Lofts to Go, based in Hamburg, say that the UK’s skills base and capabilities in advanced manufacturing are enough to outweigh the disadvantages. Read the full story.

APRIL 4, 2017

Kaiam Eyes Datacentre Growth


As datacentre traffic soars, US photonic integrated circuit pioneer, Kaiam, buys a second UK facility to track growing markets, reports Compound Semiconductor.


Last month, US-based photonic integrated circuit pioneer, Kaiam, revealed it had agreed to buy the manufacturing facilities of Compound Photonics in Newton Aycliffe, UK.


The move provides much needed manufacturing space for Kaiam‘s growing lines of optical transceivers. However the new facility also delivers an extensive cleanroom, with three and six inch wafer lines, for processing III-V devices, including pHEMTs, HBTs, photodetectors and lasers.


“The Newton Aycliffe site is a world-class facility in both capabilities and scale for producing III-V devices,” highlights Kaiam chief executive, Bardia Pezeshki. “With this we now have everything we need to be the leading manufacturer of future optical transceivers.” Read the full story.

Optical Connections

MARCH 28, 2017

OFC 2017: Kaiam, Corning present co-packaged terabit photonic interconnect


Potential to reduce chip power consumption by half, say co-developers.


Kaiam and Corning showcased an optical engine and single-mode fibre interface connector suitable for co-packaging with a 12.8Tb/s switch chip at OFC 2017, last week. The partners say that by converting high-speed signals to optical within the switch package, this high-density engine has the potential to cut chip interconnect power consumption in half. Read the full story.


OCTOBER 17, 2016

Kaiam Aims for 450 Staff in Livingston


Kaiam’s VP of Engineering, Craig Ciesla, recently spoke with Herald Scotland about how Kaiam is set to grow the headcount at its Livingston base to 450 by the end of this year, bringing the site back to the largest it was under previous owner, Kymata. Dr. Ciesla noted that “we are doing this because we are having tremendous commercial success with our products and are therefore growing the size of our team to meet demand.” Read the full story.


SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

Kaiam launches LightScale2 transceiver platform at ECOC


Kaiam says its LightScale2 platform, launched at ECOC 2016 this week in Dusseldorf, Germany, uses a planar approach to combine multiple transmit and receive blocks in a very dense architecture. The approach promises better performance and scalability than standard TOSA/ROSA designs, the company asserts.


Kaiam is sampling CWDM4 100-Gbps QSFP28 optical modules based on this architecture and expects to deliver 200, 400 and higher transmission rate on-board optics via the platform in the future. Read the full story.

News Archive

For Integrated Photonics, a Tale of Two Materials

AUGUST, 2016

For Integrated Photonics, a Tale of Two Materials


With its suitability for monolithic integration for optics and photonics, silicon has been widely hailed as the material of the future. But graphene — with its capacity for signal emission, transmission and detection — could be the next disruptive technology. Read the full story.

OFC 2016 Exhibitor Interview

MARCH 20, 2016

OFC 2016 Exhibitor Interview

Anaheim, CA — The OSA interviewed key exhibitor’s at OFC 2016. Karen Liu, V.P. of Marketing at Kaiam, discusses the unique advantage to Kaiam’s approach to hybrid optical integration, as well as the live demonstration of a Silicon Photonics-based 100G transceiver at OFC.

Watch on YouTube.

Ethernet Alliance Interoperability Demo Lights Up OFC 2016


MARCH 15, 2016

Ethernet Alliance Interoperability Demo Lights Up OFC 2016

Diversifying range of speeds take center stage at leading optical communications and networking conference

BEAVERTON, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Ethernet Alliance, a global consortium dedicated to the continued success and advancement of Ethernet technologies, today announced details of its technical demonstration for OFC 2016, the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals. Slated for March 20 – 24, 2016 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, Calif., the event is again playing host to the organization’s multi-vendor demo in booth 3625 on the expo floor, highlighting the interoperability of Ethernet’s diversifying range of speeds, including 10, 25, 40, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). Read the full story.

Herald Scotland Interviews Kaiam CEO About the Company’s Expanding Horizons


DECEMBER 11, 2015

Herald Scotland Interviews Kaiam CEO About the Company’s Expanding Horizons

Kaiam’s CEO, Bardia Pezeshki, recently spoke with Herald Scotland about the unique advantages of growing manufacturing, research and development in Scotland to meet the world’s appetite for connectivity using high-speed optical components. The Scottish optronics industry grew on the promise of demand from consumers and the telecoms industry for the technology needed to increase bandwidth. That demand has now mushroomed but from a new source: the datacentres needed to make internet connections across the globe.

Kaiam Europe Ltd Shortlisted for the 2015 NMI Innovation Award


OCTOBER 28, 2015

Kaiam Europe Ltd Shortlisted for the 2015 NMI Innovation Award

Kaiam Europe Ltd has been named a finalist for a 2015 NMI Innovation Award. This award is given to a company that can demonstrate a significant business impact through innovation. This can cover any aspects of innovation whether in business process, manufacturing, service provision or product development. NMI presents awards to recognise the achievements and behaviours that are conducive to a healthy and vibrant industry in the UK and Ireland. The awards showcase excellence within the industry rewarding the innovation, expertise and ambition of businesses.


Kaiam Boosts Headcount as Group Secures Top Tech Work


OCTOBER 22, 2015

Kaiam Boosts Headcount as Group Secures Top Tech Work

Scotland’s national newspaper The Scotsman is reporting that Kaiam has landed one of its largest contracts to date as the company’s Livingston facility returns to employment levels not seen for more than a decade. Those employment numbers were confirmed as Kaiam unveiled a new multi-million pound contract to supply what it described as one of the “world’s top technology companies”. A spokesman said it is one of the highest-value deals in the history of Kaiam, founded in 2010 by chief executive Bardia Pezeshki.

Kaiam Makes EE Times’ Silicon 60 — 2015′s Startups to Watch



Kaiam Makes EE Times’ Silicon 60 — 2015′s Startups to Watch

EE Times has named Kaiam Corporation one of 30 new startups added to their Silicon 60: 2015′s Startups to Watch. EE Times has been updating and publishing the Silicon 60 since April 2004 to reflect the latest corporate, commercial, technology and market conditions. The selection is based on consideration of a mix of criteria including: technology, intended market, financial position, investment profile, maturity and executive leadership.

News of Kaiam’s $35M Series in New Equity Funding Reaches Around the Globe to China

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014

The following Chinese language publications reported on Kaiam’s latest financial round:

C114C114 is the earliest & leading professional online media focused on ICT industry. They reported on Kaiam’s latest round of funding in their FTTx section.

C-FolChina Fiber Optics Online also reported on this important milestone in Kaiam’s growth as a vital force in the optics industry.

Info StoneInfostone Communication Consultant (Shenzhen) Ltd. (ICCSZ) is the widest spreading and selling platform of online communication products in China.

OFC 2014 Reporter’s Notebook – Day 1


MARCH 11, 2014

OFC 2014 Reporter’s Notebook – Day 1

THE LIGHTWAVE BLOG — Meanwhile, Kaiam also is interested in jumping into the 1-2 km CWDM-based transceiver fray. The company unveiled its first QSFP+ LR4 optical transceiver, for 40GbE, but has its sights clearly set on 100G. The company is showing off a 4x28G TOSA for such a transceiver in its booth. Kaiam President and CEO Bardia Pezeshki, who was with Santur when that company developed its 10x10G transceiver before being acquired by NeoPhotonics, says the lack of widespread support among module vendors for the MSA had as much to do with technological limitations — in short, how to support 10 wavelengths of 10G and meet the MSA specifications — as anything else. He’s very bullish on the market prospects for a CWDM-based approach to the 1-2 km 100G application question…

Fiber Optics Tech Startup Kaiam Raises $20 Million

Silicon Valley Business Journal

AUGUST 28, 2013

Fiber Optics Tech Startup Kaiam Raises $20 Million

Silicon Valley Business Journal — Kaiam Corp., a Newark company that makes hardware used in fiber optics communications networks, disclosed on Wednesday that it has raised $20 million in new funding…

Hybrid Integration Specialist Kaiam Acquires Gemfire


MAY 13, 2013

Hybrid Integration Specialist Kaiam Acquires Gemfire

Gazettabyte — Kaiam Corp. has secured US $16M in C-round funding and completed the acquisition of Gemfire. With the acquisition, Kaiam gains planar lightwave circuit (PLC) technology and Gemfire’s 8-inch wafer fab in Scotland. This is important for the start-up given there are few remaining independent suppliers of PLC technology…

Oplink and Kaiam to Jointly Demonstrate 10×10 40km CFP Transceiver at OFC/NFOEC 2013

Financial Content

MARCH 14, 2013

Oplink and Kaiam to Jointly Demonstrate 10×10 40km CFP Transceiver at OFC/NFOEC 2013

Financial Content — Oplink Communications, Inc. (OPLK), a leading provider of design, integration and optical manufacturing solutions (OMS) for optical networking components, modules and subsystems, and Kaiam Corporation, a leader in hybrid Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology, today announced a joint demonstration of the 100Gbps 10×10 40km CFP transceiver technologies for extended reach (ER) 100Gbps applications at OFC/NFOEC 2013 in Anaheim, CA…