Superpowers: Scaling Up Hybrid Integration for Data Centres

Dr. Ramsey Selim, Senior Designer at Kaiam


Presented at EPIC — Photonics & Opto-Electronics Packaging Conference — Edinburgh, Scotland, UK — November 22–23, 2016


A Path to Aligning Single-Mode Optics Costs with Market Need

Dr. Karen Liu, Kaiam Corp.


Presented at ECOC — Cannes, FR — September 22, 2014 — In this presentation given as part of Market Focus 2014, Dr. Karen Liu discusses the gaps between datacenter and optical economics, and how a disruptive solution that delivers single-mode at multimode costs is needed. Silicon gives hope, but Kaiam‘s Optical Wirebond unlocks paths to lower cost consistent with Si benefits.


View the slide deck: ECOC MarketFocus2014 Kaiam.pdf