Low-Noise High-Frequency Packaged pHEMT


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The FPD7612P70 is a low parasitic, surface mountable packaged depletion mode pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor (pHEMT) optimized for low noise, high frequency applications.

• 22dBm Output Power (P1dB)
• 21dB Gain at 1.85GHz
• 0.5dB Noise Figure at 1.85GHz
• 30dB Output IP3 at 1.85GHz
• 45% Power‐Added Efficiency at 1.85GHz
• Usable Gain to 24GHz

• Gain blocks and medium power stages
• WiMax (2GHz to 11GHz)
• WLAN 802.11a (5.8GHz)
• Point‐to‐Point Radio (to 18GHz)