100G CWDM4+ QSFP28

Kaiam XQX5970

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The enhanced QSFP28 100G-CWDM4+ module is a highly integrated 4x28G transceiver focused on reach, bandwidth, density and cost for high-port-count 100G systems, and client-side 100G interfaces. The XQX5970 offers an additional 3dB of link budget versus our standard XQX5070 part.


This product is built on the LightScale®2 platform.

•  Reach: 10km reach via SMF
•  Optical link budget of 8.5dB to support fiber patch panel and fiber cable management
•  Dual rate operation: operate at 100Gbps, fully backward compatible with 40G-LR4
•  Lasers: uncooled CWDM DFB lasers, directly modulated
•  Electrical interface: retimed CAUI-4 as defined in 100G Ethernet IEEE 802.3bm 
Annex 83E
•  User controllable Transmit Input Equalization and Receiver Output Amplitude
•  Fiber connector: SMF LC duplex connector
•  MSA-compliant performance monitoring via I2C interface
•  Hot pluggable for ease of installation and service
•  0-70°C transceiver operating case temperature (0-70°C option available)
•  Power dissipation < 3.5W

•  Data center interconnects
•  Router peering